Monday, October 31, 2011

You could #Win $150 Worth of Products #CouponCabinHop

Join Me!

Welcome to CouponCabin’s 25 Crazy Dayz of Giveawayz! This multi-blog event is hosted by Simply Stacie, Makobi Scribe and Sassy Mama in LA and is sponsored by CouponCabin. This is the biggest event the blogosphere has seen with over 400 giveaways each at $25 value or more plus a huge giveaway with some major prizes like a MacBook Air, iPad2 & Visa Gift Cards. You can find all the giveaways from the participating blogs by visiting the host blogs, Simply Stacie, Makobi Scribe and Sassy Mama in LA. Each host blog will feature a different set of giveaways for you to enter!

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CouponCabin is giving away the following fabulous prizes:
Grand Prize: MacBook Air (11-inch, 128GB; ARV $1,199)
2nd Runner Up: iPad2 (16GB, with Wi-Fi +3G; ARV $629) & $200 Visa Gift Card
3rd Runner Up: iPad2 (16GB, with Wi-Fi +3G; ARV $629)
4th Runner Up: $300 Visa Gift Card
5th Runner Up: $200 Visa Gift Card
6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Runner Ups: $100 Visa Gift Card each

I am sponsoring the prize myself. I decided to giveaway 4 items from Votre Vu that I won. The four products are Self Preservation Bronzer Pour Le Visage, Self Preservation Bronzer Pour Le Corps, On Holiday Gentle Scrub de Corps, Royal Treatment Gentle Pearl Scrub Pour Le Visage. I won these from Votre Vu in August. They are worth $150.

The Self Preservation Visage Pour Le Visage is Self Tanning Milk for Face 1.69fl. oz. $39
The Self Preservation Bronzer Pour Le Corps is Self Tanning Creme for Body 3.38fl. oz. $42
On Holiday Gentle Scrub de Corps is Gentle Marine Body Scrub 4.06fl. oz. $35
Royal Treatment Gentle Pearl Scrub Pour Le Visage is Gentle Pearls Face Scrub 1.35fl oz. $34
You can treat this to yourself or give it as a gift! Would be a wonderful addition to a gift basket, or just simply wrapped up.

If you mistype or forget to type in anything in the Rafflecopter you may leave a blog comment below. I know I do it a lot as a sweepstakes lover (more than I want to admit). The worst is clicking that button and going noooooo. There are three different lists of blogs one on each host's site. Don't forget to enter those as well. Here's where to enter:

Please visit Simply Stacie, Makobi Scribe and Sassy Mama in LA to enter the giveaway and make sure to say Sweeps For Keeps referred you! You can enter on all three sites or just one- it’s up to you! If you enter all three giveaways that just means more chances for you to win.
The giveaway ends on November 25, 2011 at 11:59 pm EST. The winner will be selected at random and have 48 hours to reply back before a new winner is selected. Good luck! Enter the other blogs' giveaways in the CouponCabin’s 25 Crazy Dayz of Giveawayz by visiting the links below!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Grocery Shopping

How many times a month do you go grocery shopping? I usually go twice a month, 1 for everything we need for a month, and the second is things we run out of and milk, bread, etc. I find it interesting though how my trends change. Years ago before Shy Shy ate real meals we only spent 70 a month not using coupons, and now our budget is over 200. I started noticing that the price of food was going up 4.5 years ago though. Much like today.

I can't say the price of food has increased our budget to that much (that would be great), but it was likely due to a variety of reasons. Shy eating solids, different location of house, and diet, prices. When I was working at my office job last year every Monday night, before I would drive 30 miles home, I would shop at Safeway and pick up dinner for the week there. I was working 40+ hours a week in a town away from where I live. I loved my job don't get me wrong, a huge drawback was the drive. I loved where I worked though :) I ended up buying weekly then. I also had very little time to do everything I needed to do.

Since then I have been shopping at Fred Meyer's. My favorite place to grocery shop. Even when Hubs worked for a local grocery store chain I usually went to FM. FM is a part of Kroger. Last night we were looking at our budget for everything and the cutest thing happened. The program we used said we spent $xx amount of money on groceries and this number was out of our normal budget range. Low and behold we discovered that my wedding ring was categorized under grocery since we bought our rings at FM Jewelers. I told him we could say we bought are rings at the grocery store :P at least I thought it was cute :)

Hey friends, check out this contest to win an iPad2!

Hey friends, check out this contest to win an iPad2!
Want to win an iPad 2 well now you have a chance. You can do so by clicking my link Win iPad 2

Monday, October 17, 2011

Losing weight.

Losing weight has always been an issue for me. When I was 19 I found out that I have a thyroid problem. 1.5 years after my son was born and it was likely from my pregnancy. I was going on walks daily at a local (and amazing) park everyday with my friend and Shy Shy in the stroller. Yet my baby weight was still hanging around. My doctor put me on thyroid medicine. I used it off and on being so naive about it all. It wasn't until I recently went to my doctor that I started consistently taking my medicine. That didn't solve my weight problem though. In July my thyroid was finally where it should be. Anyways flash forward to now. I step onto the Wii Fit. I forgot how much fun it is to hula hoop without hula hoops. The ease of use was much simpler than other options available at 9pm at night.

Wii Fit measures your weight and bmi (body mass index). If that's all you want to do, the Wii Fit game will not make you do anything else. I continued on with the venture. and played hula hoop, tightrope, penguin slider game, and other mini games. I enjoyed playing the games. I haven't played in a long time though I have own the Wii Fit for almost 3.5 years. It was my mother's day gift. I got it the week it came out.

Remembering that you have these treasures is great because you feel like it is something new even though it has been there forever. Not only did I hop on the Wii Fit but so did my (almost) hubby. We are getting married soon and to me it important to not stress out over my weight. I have said from the beginning that my weight isn't going to be a controlling factor in my wedding. I am going through a lot of medical changes right now. I have stopped drinking soda completely and I almost always drink water. I have been walking and exercising more but it's not for my wedding and more for my health. I have lived an unhealthy lifestyle and this year has been about big changes for me. I have been trying to kick the unhealthy habits.

Although the Wii Fit has said I lost weight which is probably very true. I am on a few new medicines and I would have to say those contribute partly to my weight loss. As long as this combination of water/exercise/health is working, that works for me. My results would be different if I wasn't on these medicines. The thoughts on this post are my own. Results may be different. I am glad I played this again because I don't get much time on the TV.

Friday, October 14, 2011

KY Brand Intimacy Experiment: Day One

Recently I won a giveaway and received my KY Brand Intimacy Experiment. Where I have the chance to take a 10 day challenge to become more intimate. This is great as planning a wedding is very stressful. I never imagined how much I would have to do. This first day is about decluttering and making your nest feel like well your bedroom. Taking away the distractions. My room is huge and has been a storage spot for many items. While I have decluttered and tried to make our room a sanctuary as best I can. My closet which is hidden holds many of our items. I placed candles in our room. As well as placing the water globes, taking away the picture frames. Putting the videos and dvd's in the cabinet. I cleaned out under the bed which had loose clothes (mainly socks) and blankets. I took away the end table and put it in the living room. Mainly what is left is our dresser, bookshelf, bed, fan, and movie cabinet. I want to get rid of more items I got rid of a box and two bags of stuff I no longer needed.
All my wedding will have to stay in my room. I don't have room for it anywhere else. It will be gone soon. You can check out Couples Place for yourself for more information.
The best thing about this project is that is makes you do something about the stuff you have. It forces you to make a choice or action. The first day I would say went great.

I wrote this posting while participating in a blog campaign on behalf of K-Y® Brand and also received product samples to help facilitate my review.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Galaxy Giveaway

How would you like to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet? That sounds awesome. It make a great gift if you don't want it for yourself. This is open WorldWide :)


If you complete all the GFC, Twitter, and Facebook entries you are in the running for $25. You can enter the Samsung giveaway here Randomosity's blog is giving this away.
From Oct 14 to Oct 17 2011

Good Luck, Holli

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Recently I won a giveaway for a Zoobies pet at Having Fun Saving. Not only did my son love it, but my stepdaughter who came over this weekend, and she also adored it. They love to take the blanket it out and lay on it and play with the puppy plush. Zoobies is three things in one: a Plush, a Pillow, and A blanket. My son picked out Poco the Pup last week when we won. You can see the puppy for yourself here.

It arrived quickly and my son was thrilled to see it after school when I brought it with me to pick him up. He instantly fell in love with it. I think it's a great product, both the plush and blanket are soft. Seeing the joy on my son's face is the best part.

I may get another for Christmas presents.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fred Meyer Match Ups

I made some great deals at Fred Meyers including Cover Girl translucent powder for 3.99 each with the PG coupon for $8/2. It isn't the moneymaker everyone is talking about at Walmart but it is free Cover Girl product that isn't just blush. Great Deal if you already got the blush. They have other Cover Girl products on sales as well.
I also match up the $1/1 Tropicana coupon. Tropicana 50 on sale for 2.50 with coupon makes it 1.50. Awesome deal for orange juice.
I was excited to save 28.36 for the first time in a long time. Do you have any favorite match ups this week?

Monday, October 3, 2011

More Halloween Blog Hop fun

It could be a trick it could be a treat. You wont know if it is or not. I think that it is a great idea and sounds like a lot of fun. Head over to Sarah's Blog of fun to see her giveaway. Good Luck

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Recent Win

This is one of my recent wins that I have received. Head over to Someday I'll Learn to see what I have won. A fun filled kids pack. We have already put to good use which is why there is no pictures we ripped through the packaging and started playing.

We won Monopoly Deal, which we love and can use an extra set of because we usually have game night every weekend.
FyrFlyz which I am not going to lie is fun entertainment.
The best part though is my son asking to take the smurf with him to bed and falling asleep with it.
There are many other things that came in this box but you will have to discover what they are for yourself.

Trick Or Treat Hop - Over a $50 Value Halloween Surprise!

Trick Or Treat Hop - Over a $50 Value Halloween Surprise! Did you know that there is this great sounding giveaway going on? I mean who doesn't like surprises or mysteries okay there is a few. I am not saying you can't have fun but with this kind of giveaway you can be fearless. I find use out of almost anything and if I can't I will make sure it is not wasted. So head over and blog hop away! Just in time for Halloween.