Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Grocery Shopping

How many times a month do you go grocery shopping? I usually go twice a month, 1 for everything we need for a month, and the second is things we run out of and milk, bread, etc. I find it interesting though how my trends change. Years ago before Shy Shy ate real meals we only spent 70 a month not using coupons, and now our budget is over 200. I started noticing that the price of food was going up 4.5 years ago though. Much like today.

I can't say the price of food has increased our budget to that much (that would be great), but it was likely due to a variety of reasons. Shy eating solids, different location of house, and diet, prices. When I was working at my office job last year every Monday night, before I would drive 30 miles home, I would shop at Safeway and pick up dinner for the week there. I was working 40+ hours a week in a town away from where I live. I loved my job don't get me wrong, a huge drawback was the drive. I loved where I worked though :) I ended up buying weekly then. I also had very little time to do everything I needed to do.

Since then I have been shopping at Fred Meyer's. My favorite place to grocery shop. Even when Hubs worked for a local grocery store chain I usually went to FM. FM is a part of Kroger. Last night we were looking at our budget for everything and the cutest thing happened. The program we used said we spent $xx amount of money on groceries and this number was out of our normal budget range. Low and behold we discovered that my wedding ring was categorized under grocery since we bought our rings at FM Jewelers. I told him we could say we bought are rings at the grocery store :P at least I thought it was cute :)

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