Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How I got started

I was two years old. I was starting young :) Entered into a sweepstakes by my mom. It was a warm evening the sun was setting over the Florida sky. Turns out I won said giveaway! A family friend drove up in her big van, and when she got out I got to see what this big prize looked like. I was excited as a two year old to receive such a big thing.

I won a BIKE. A non training wheel bike. A big BIKE that I used for years to come. After I won this bike I immediately wanted to learn how to ride it. By the age of 2.5 I could ride my bike. My favorite thing was the ability to ride around the street. My bike was a prized possession that I still cherish in my heart. Unfortunately years later it was stolen after I moved to Maryland. Whoever got it hope they enjoy the as much as I did.

This is my story on how I got started. What is your story? I would love to hear your story!
Good Luck!

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