Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lucky's Bingo Envelope Win

Today I received an envelope of coupons from Lucky's Bingo Corner on FB for a win this past week. I received the envelope from Lucky/Rene. YAY! I wont post a picture this time but I cannot wait to win more things from them. In fact as I type this I am playing Lucky's Bingo. If you haven't checked it out I highly recommend it! The prizes vary from coupons to anything else. :) I hope you stop by and play if you are into winning and a lot of fun! I always have fun at Lucky's many other pages do not have the same atmosphere as they do. Although I am not saying they aren't good they just aren't as good. Look out for my post on Loffles soon.


  1. thks

  2. awesome I put-off buying this for months, despite positive reviews. I tried every free weather app going and eventually decided to take the plunge. Glad I did - easily the most customisable weather widget and clock on caftan and the skins are awesome!