Monday, September 26, 2011

Smart Destinations

Winning for me has been something that has come to me since I was a child. See my post about my first win. Recently I received an email that said I won a Smart Destinations card for the city of my choice. I chose the city closest to me as I don't plan on traveling anywhere soon or in the near future. Seattle is my closest locale. I got a 3 day pass to most of the tourist spots in Seattle and surrounding area. The prize was worth 89.99 can't beat that. It is a great win. Usually don't go to Seattle much for tourist spots, I possibly visit Seattle 3-5 times a year. I will definitely make use of my 3 day pass to Seattle.
The card came with a guide book letting my know what is included, what is free and open to the public, and where I can get discounts with my card. I have to use the card by the end of next year and once I start the card is only good for those three days. The savings are excellent! I cannot wait to go to Seattle. I probably will wait till warmer weather hits Seattle again. As today looks like another Western Washington day.

Good Luck!

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