Friday, September 9, 2011



What can I say? I love the word Loffles. I love Loffles.com, I love winning on Loffles.com. I don't blog about things I have yet to receive because we all know mail is unreliable. I can however say I have won multiple times on Loffles and my winnings are not all mailed.

From Loffles.com about section:
Loffles (from “lottery” and “raffles”) gives you access to a continuously updated catalogue of prizes from the brands you love.

On Loffles I have won well Loffles, Amazon gift cards, among other items since I joined less than a month ago. Again like I said I don't blog about things I have yet to receive but those items above I have.

On Loffles.com you can watch advertisements and select answers based off what you watch to earn loffles. Loffles are good for prizes or items in their store.

Now sign up for Loffles.com what are you waiting for?

If you sign up by clicking here Loffles I earn Loffles for referring you. That would be nice. Then you can refer others under your own name after you set up your account. Setting up an account only takes a few moments and your ready to start on Loffles.

Good Luck!

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